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Task Management Software

The task manager software will help you to get organized and be more productive. Using Sitiata you will be able to manage your team’s tasks throughout their lifecycle.

Time Tracking Software

Whether you are trying to track time for yourself or for a team, Sitiata’s timekeeping software will help you in numerous ways. You can use it to track time, to bill clients, or to see how much time is spent on certain tasks.

Time Card Calculator & Time Sheet Templates

Also known as timesheet calculator, is a tool that helps you to track how many hours team members worked in a day or week. Our timesheet calculator considers the break deduction allowing you to know the real time worked by team members.


This will help you see the time your team members spent performing different tasks and help billing clients and calculating costs to the company.

Task Management Software

Get organized and be more productive by managing your team’s tasks throughout their lifecycle.
Task Management Software
Time Management Software

Time Management Software

This allows you to track time by client, user and project. If you lose connection or close your browser, Sitiata’s timekeeping software will continue tracking until you return to the browser and select stop.


This allows you to see the time your team members spent on different tasks, for billing clients or calculating the cost to the company.
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