Online task manager software

Improve organisation and increase productivity using our online task manager software.
Task flow.
  • No more incomplete tasks.
  • Coordinate team effort to achieve your goals.
  • Create a better place to document and share work.
  • Improve the audit trail of all work done in a given task.
  • Accountability management.

Advanced task manager

Advanced task manager for effective work.

Sitiata task manager is an advanced software, which is really easy to use, that helps you to coordinate and monitor work between team members.

Task participants highlighted.

It enables your team members to check their daily priorities and managers or watchers to check the status of work and analyse accomplishments on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Task list with status and priority highlighted.
User overview report highlighting filters.

We help you reduce time spent on administrative tasks. Eliminate spreadsheet hassle.

Our online task manager software is integrated with a time tracker, to help you verify the time your team members take to complete tasks.

Time tracking software.

Our advanced task manager helps you save time and ease effort to accomplish your tasks.

Let's increase team productivity with organisation of work.

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Task Overview screen.

From the Task Overview screen, you can select the Track Time function for the task, which will then allow you to store the time spent on each task which has been worked on by the members of your team.

Task list with Track button highlighted.
Time tracking software.

Our Goal.

We are actively working on Sitiata and our goal is to help you save time. Stop losing time on non-billable hours, increasing the billable time. Simplify things to achieve great results. We strive to give you ample support through our professional chat and email services.

We want to help you. It is Free! Why hesitate?

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