Detailed and comprehensive report on your team and tasks.

This will help you see the time your team members spent performing different tasks, such as billing clients and calculating costs to the company.

The Reports function will also help you make offers to your clients faster for future projects, as you will have a full reports history, containing the cost involved in previous projects as well as revenue.

This function also allows you to see the time spent in non-billable hours.

The reports receive information from the task management service and time tracking software,using the flexible end of day configuration. This allows you to configure the way you see your reports.

Client Overview Report

This will help you check billable hours for invoicing and see the results of the operation. If you click the    icon, you will have more details related to team members and active or previous projects.

Client Overview Report.

User Overview Report

The function of this report is to inform you of the cost to the company. You can see the time spent by team members in different tasks.

User Overview Report.

Weekly Overview Report

With the weekly tracking option, you can specify which of your projects are billed weekly and Sitiata’s reports function will generate weekly reports for your projects. This will help you calculate the cost of projects to the company and billing clients. This feature works with our time tracking software.

Weekly Overview Report.

Store Your Information in the Cloud

With Sitiata’s time tracker database, your information will be in the cloud. Having your information in the cloud allows you access to your data anywhere, any time, which is great for billing clients or looking up costs to the company.

With Our Reports You Will be Able to:

  • Get organized and be more productive.
  • Track the progress of tasks and time spent on them.
  • Improve communication with your team members.
  • Bill clients.
  • Calculate the cost to the company.
  • Streamline the process of offering services to clients.
  • See the time spent in non-billable hours.