Task Tracking Application

It's the perfect combination of time tracker and task manager to use when managing your team, allowing you to tracking time for team members, project and clients.

Sitiata will help you organize your team and be more productive.

Sitiata task tracking tools:

  • Task management software.
  • Time tracking software.

Simple task management software

Using the task service, you will be able to manage your team’s tasks through their lifecycle. The tasks management service lets you create, update, delete, prioritize and assign tasks.

This tool works with clients (internal or external), projects and team members.

Task Creation

Upon creation, a task can be assigned to a given workgroup. You can then add team members to each workgroup who will have access to the task, and be informed of changes made by others. This will help you to manage the task scheduler by days and priorities for your team.

Task Overview screen

From the Task Overview screen, you can select time function for the task, which will allow you to store the time spent on the given task by each member of your team.

You can always see the task scheduler with their priorities and status.

Task management services

Email Notification

Sitiata will inform you via email updates every time a new task is created or a comment is made on an existing task.

Time Tracking Software

Whether you are trying to track time for yourself or for a team, Sitiata’s time tracking solution will help you. You can use it to track time, bill clients or see how much time is spent on certain tasks.

Sitiata’s Time tracking software allows you to track time by Client, User and Project.

Task Tracking Application

This is the combination of time tracking and task management service. You can also see the results in the report section.

Time tracking software

With our task tracking application you will be able to…

  • Get organized and be more productive.
  • Track the progress of tasks and time spent on them.
  • Improve communication with your team members.
  • Assign tasks to team members.
  • Improve the audit trail of all work done in a given task.

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